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Real Employee Engagement

One of the most overlooked measurements in determining a company’s employee engagement are relationships and connections. While annual surveys about employee feelings are important, they are only a snapshot that provide little long-term understanding.

Having knowledge about the depth of relationships between co-workers can give insight into how committed they are to each other’s success and the company overall. Additionally, the span of connections across different areas of the organization will tell you how much employees care about the big picture. It also helps them better understand and value their own work within the larger organizational puzzle. If employers can track these qualitative measures, it can provide a much more accurate picture of employee engagement.

This type of analysis involves receiving constant inputs. This includes regular pulse surveys about meetings, projects, company communication, and leadership development. It requires you to find out who the influencers are and why people trust them. Consider conducting post-onboarding interviews, ensure regular, ongoing performance conversations take place, and include additional exit interviews well after an employee has left the organization. Building this is hard but definitely worth it.

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